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Interior shampoo:

An interior shampoo will give your carpets and fabric seats the deep clean and restoration you have been looking for! With our industrial shampoo machine, we can extract the worst of stains and make your fabric look like new again. If you have stains or odor coming from your car the interior shampoo is for you.

Engine bay cleaning and polish:

The engine bay detail consists of a full degrease of your engine bay with our high-quality citrus scented degreaser removing thousands of miles dust, dirt and grime. After the engine is cleaned, we apply our high-quality polish to make the engine bay look new again. If you’re selling your vehicle and looking to add some value to the sale price or just want your engine looking like new, we have the products and tools you need.

Steam treatment:

With our steam treatment your car will be disinfected but also, the steam treatment can be applied to leather, door panels, windows, interior consoles, vents and more. With the steam treatment your car will get the highest quality of interior cleaning with a more natural finish.

Salt removal:

During our cold winters your carpets can build up salt deposits. With this service and our products, we can remove those caked on white salt deposits.

Clay bar and spray wax:

Our clay bar treatment process is used to decontaminate your paint, fiberglass and metal from pollutants, break dust, and hidden dirt that cannot be removed from a scrub. This process will transform your rough paint to a silky-smooth feel. Once the clay bar treatment is done, we apply our final touch spray wax to your paint. Not only does this process leave your vehicle with a showroom it also fills in any micro-scratches in the clear coat.

Exterior wash:

Our exterior wash consists of a complete high pressured pressure wash. Followed by a completing foaming of your vehicle with our high-quality foam cannon. Once the vehicle is all foamed up, we then proceed with the scrubbing. Once scrubbed and rinsed off you will already begin to see the magic results from our high-quality soap. We also completely dry your vehicle with our shammy’s.

Basic interior wipe down:

This interior cleaning consists of a complete wipe down (door panels, screens, steering wheel, consoles, leather seats, dashboard…etc.) with our high-quality, scratch free micro-fibres and our high-quality all-purpose cleaner.

Interior polishing:

Once the interior wipe down is complete, we proceed by applying our interior polish to restore colour and give the back the new car look to plastics vinyl and leather. Our interior polish leaves no residue and is safe for any vehicle.

Rim and tire shinning:

We begin by applying our high intensity rim cleaner on your rims before the exterior rinse to really eat at the dirt and grime. Once rinsed off and the rest of the exterior is cleaned, we proceed by applying tire shine to your tires and wipe and shine your rims by hand with our micro-fibre and products. This is a scratch free process.


With our high-powered vacuums we do not leave a crumb behind! We first start by removing all the bigger most visible crumbs and dirt. We also make sure to always have our brushes in hand to make sure all crumbs are lifted from your carpets and are able to be taken in by our vacuum. We also have the right brushes to make sure all pet hair is able to be removed properly.