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Cleaning and Shampoo Service

An interior shampoo will give your carpets and fabric seats the deep clean and restoration you have been looking for! With our industrial shampoo machine, we can extract the worst of stains and make your fabric look like new again. If you have stains or odor coming from your car the interior shampoo is for you.

Make great impressions

Make the first impressions of your car fabulous with our Car Interior Cleaning services. GP Mobile Car wash is a specialist in auto care services and proud to add this exclusive interior cleaning and refreshment services for its clients. The dedicated proceeding from our expert staff is focused only to bring your interior in the best shape possible. We do not only work on your car to make it look better but also to make it feel better inside. Even if you have the toughest stains in your interior, foul smell trapped inside, or any spillage marks, don’t give it a second thought. Get out services right away. We have the best equipment and products to rinse and clean your interior without damaging it.

Our Process

The process starts with vacuuming the interior and vents. Next up we, extract the carpet for traditional pressure water cleaning. Once the flooring is removed, our staff gets into the vehicle and manually clean every inch of the interior manually. This process takes sufficient time but the results definitely worth the patience.

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